3 Manual Wheelchair Options That Affect Rollability

By Roll Rev

August 1, 2016

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Propelling yourself in your wheelchair can be taxing on your body, so naturally you want a chair that has good rollability, meaning that it rolls smoothly with the least amount of effort. Considering these three things can help you to better dial in to a smoother roll.


Some manual wheelchair options can affect your rollability in the chair.

1. Frame Design and Material
Frame design and materials need to work together because they dramatically affect roll. Look for the type of material, tubing size and shape to create stiffness. In today’s market, with advancements in materials, the only way to take weight off of a chair is by components chosen, not the frame material. Frame weight is important, and compromising frame material qualities will affect the ride and durability.

2. Wheels, Tires, Forks and Casters
Size and weight of wheels should be considered when choosing a chair. The types of wheels and when to use them can help aid in performance of the wheelchair. Smaller, wider casters will increase front stability, and the shortest fork option will provide less trail and increased wheelbase for added stability.

3. Set-Up
Effects of toe-in and toe-out will affect rolling dynamics—anytime a caster or rear wheel is adjusted the toe should be checked.


Roll Rev

Roll Rev

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