Clothing Considerations to Make for Skin Care after an SCI

By Roll Rev

July 1, 2017

Topics: Wheelchair Lifestyle

While you can still maintain your fashionista status after a spinal cord injury (SCI), you will have to make careful considerations as to how your clothing affects your skin care. Use the tips below to help you with clothing considerations to make for skin care after your SCI.


Avoid clothing with multiple zippers, pockets, snaps, or a lot of stitching. These can put pressure on the skin and cause marks that could turn into problems later.


It is important to remember to dress for the temperature. If it is hot, dress in fabrics that are cool and lightweight. If it is cold, you’ll want to choose warmer, thicker fabrics and dress in layers. You may find it easier to dress in layers all the time as it’s easier to adjust.


Wash new jeans before you wear them. A cycle through the wash will soften the fabric.


Choose loose fitting clothing that won’t put too much pressure on your skin and cause irritation.


Stick to cotton or natural fiber fabrics that breathe better and absorb moisture.

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Roll Rev

Roll Rev

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