Easing the Transition from the Hospital to Home

By Roll Rev

June 24, 2017

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Easing the Transition from the Hospital to Home

Before leaving the hospital, you probably prepared yourself for the transition by making sure that all your healthcare needs would be met. However, once you are home, there are additional steps you can take to ease the transition from the hospital to home.


Speak up and advocate for yourself. Do not be afraid to say what you need and to shed light on needs that may not be being met.


Do not let yourself be isolated. Find activities you can take part in and do things that give your life meaning and fill you with a sense of purpose.


Be realistic with yourself and ask your family and friends to be, too. Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek counseling services if you need more help.


Find your tribe of family members and friends that can help you. Seek people who will offer peer support, as well as people who will just listen to you sometimes.


Know your medications, when to take them, and why you take them.


Take a look at your home and how it can be made more accessible. Can you reach the things you need? Can you maneuver through the house without catching a rug or getting stuck? Do you have an emergency plan in place should you need to get out quickly?


Follow your exercise program that your doctor and care team recommended for you. This will help you not only maintain what you have gained so far, but also to build on it.


Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. This will help fill your day and help keep your mind engaged.

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Roll Rev

Roll Rev

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