Forging My Own Path

By Madeline Delp

July 22, 2017

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Madeline Delp - Forging My Own Path

Hello my fellow wheelies! 

(And non-wheelies...who am I to discriminate? 😉) 


Have you ever had that feeling like you were about to jump off a cliff? Knowing that if you made that one move forward, you would be at the point of no return? 


Well, that's about how I am feeling right now. 


You see, I am at that unmistakable precipice of having to decide in which direction I will proceed with my life. I recently went across the stage of a university stadium and received the diploma that I put an innumerable amount of passionate essays, tears and sleepless nights into. (Fun fact: I actually used my leg braces and walker to walk across the stage to get my diploma.)


While many of my friends have planned out their summer internships or are preparing to start a job in their career-field, I have decidedly gone rogue. To those that know me best, it doesn't really come as a surprise: I've never been one who likes to be put in a box. So instead of doing the normal thing, like getting a job, I have chosen to forge my own path. This seemed like the best option considering I never really found the handbook on how to become an inspirational speaker and advocate that travels around the world motivating and educating people with disabilities (the visible and invisible ones of course). 


My original plan of receiving my MBA and becoming a sophisticated expert in the area of international business relations quickly began to dissipate throughout the past couple of years as I realized my passion for speaking and advocacy. After years of pursuing this in the form of creating inspirational videos and blogs, speaking at state and national conferences and working with some of the most incredible wheelchair adaptive organizations in the US, I knew I had found my calling. 


Now, as I sit on the brink of my future, I am ready to passionately chase that calling with everything I have...


For the next year I will be traveling around the US and filming a motivation series called Live Boundless - a 25-episode video series that educates wheelchair users on how to adapt to every area of life, meanwhile inspiring people from all backgrounds that no matter what their "disability" may be, they too have the strength to overcome. I will feature adaptive organizations and health centers across the nation that will show us how to do everything from adaptive skydiving to mastering the art of wheelchair martial arts for self-defense. We will also delve into the topics of how to maintain optimal health physically - and emotionally - as we all know how traumatic injuries and debilitating conditions can take a toll on both. 


Did I mention that this summer I will also be representing North Carolina in the Ms. Wheelchair USA competition in July? Let's see if I can bring home that national crown and be an even more powerful voice in the disability world. 


Through this Invacare blog not only will I get to share with you my incredible experiences of travel, competition and advocacy in my new küschall chair, but I will also get to give you an exclusive look into our filming journey throughout the year, including all the wheelie tips and tricks that we learn along the way. Are you all ready to join me in living a Boundless life? 


Prepare yourself for an amazing ride. 




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Madeline Delp

Madeline Delp

Madeline Delp is a sponsored social ambassador for Team Invacare. After sustaining a spinal cord injury, Madeline made it her mission to empower and encourage people to live a full and vibrant life regardless of physical condition.

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