Fun Halloween Costumes for Wheelchair Users

By Roll Rev

October 28, 2017

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With Halloween quickly approaching, now is the time to get your costume ready! Don’t let your wheelchair keep you from participating in any Halloween festivities – use the list below for some fun Halloween costume options for wheelchair users. Always make sure that your costume does not interfere with your wheelchair’s normal operation.


Race Car

All you need is a little cardboard and paint to make this winning costume come together! Add in a racing outfit and a helmet to complete the look.


Shark Cage

Ever thought of going shark diving? Turn your wheelchair into a fear-inducing costume with a shark cage! Using cardboard and paint, create a metal-looking cage to place over your wheelchair. Add a chomping shark to the outside and dress yourself in.


Bubble Bath

Bust out the cardboard, white paint, and balloons to transform your wheelchair into your very own portable bubble bath! Use the white paint to paint the cardboard, then place it around your wheelchair like a bathtub. Using string, fill the bathtub with white balloons until it looks like it is full of bubbles.


Swat Tank

If you have some helping hands, turn your wheelchair into a SWAT tank! Cardboard, black paint, and some signage is all you need to create this tough vehicle. Dress yourself in SWAT gear for an added touch.


Horse Jockey

If your caregiver, friends and family are down for some fun, then try this group costume! Dress yourself in a horse jockey costumer and attach a horse to the front of your wheelchair. Your friends and family can dress up as fans cheering you on!


Queen of Hearts

Transform your wheelchair into a throne fit for the Queen of Hearts! Using fabric and flexible wire, you can create a heart-shaped backdrop to use as the top of your throne. Complete the look with a Queen of Hearts costume and you’re ready to go!

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