Grant Application Tips

By Roll Rev

June 17, 2017

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Adaptive sports equipment can be expensive. For some, this means that the equipment is out of reach. However, you can supplement that cost of adaptive sports equipment by applying for grants. A grant is money awarded to a person by a funder for a particular purpose. Applying for grants can be a time-consuming and sometimes confusing process. Take a look at these grant writing tips below to help you successfully apply for a grant and increase your chances of being awarded it.

Grant Application Tips


Start by identifying what problem the grant money will help you solve. Sure, you want a handcycle. But, why? Is it so you can race competitively? Is it so you can keep up with your able-bodied peers? Will this grant money help you achieve a larger goal? How will it help you do that?



Attempt to find or develop a relationship with the grant makers. Networking can make all the difference and help you gain insight as to the selection criteria for the grant and the availability of the funds used for the grant. This will all help to increase your chance for a successful proposal.



Make an attempt to meet with one or more of the grant funders. Make your face and name familiar to them. This way, when they come across your grant application, they will be more inclined to give it a closer look. They will remember the person who reached out and requested a meeting with them more than the person who sent in a blanket application requesting the grant.



Before applying for just any grant, do your research. Make sure that the grant you are applying for is relevant to the problem you are asking for financial assistance in solving. Consider whether the grant is coming from a government agency, private foundation or donor, corporate foundation, or business.



After you have done your research to determine who is backing the grant money, consider how your proposal fits with the funders grant making philosophy. Consider the interest of the funders and what criteria they have.

Consider how the money is distributed and if it supports your needs. Are there restrictions as to how you can use the money and how it is distributed to you? If you receive this grant, can you receive other grants, as well? Is this a one-time grant, or is it renewable?



Review the timeline for submission of your grant application. It may be a good idea for you to create your own timeline against the grant application timeline. This way, you can set deadlines before their actual due dates to give you time to review and still get the grant application in early.

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