How to Be the Best Advocate You Can Be for Accessibility

By Roll Rev

August 19, 2017

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How to Be the Best Advocate You Can Be for Accessibility

Life changing events, such as a spinal cord injury (SCI), can be an eye-opening experience as to some of the difficulties others face in their daily lives. This realization may even lead you to feel compelled to speak out for or against something.

So, what do you do with all this passion for a cause?


Use the tips below to find out how you can be the best advocate you can be for accessibility in your community.


Find out everything.

Educate yourself. Become the expert on the issue you are advocating for or against. There is a plethora of information available on the internet.  As a wheelchair user, a large part of the research is already done because you have the firsthand knowledge of what and where the potential difficulties and barriers are and how they can be met, changed, or improved.


Get social.

Advocating and networking through social media platforms is a fantastic way to reach a wide audience and spread a message quickly. Use it to your advantage. You can find groups, create lists and use hashtags to highlight your topic and attract the attention of the people you have identified and wish to aim your message toward. You may even be able to find people who have similar advocacy groups, and may wish to support them, in addition to helping them identify and support your cause.


Capitalize on your position.

As a wheelchair user faced with daily environmental barriers, you may be best placed when it comes to advocating for accessibility. Use your personal knowledge, thoughts, feelings, and experiences to advocate. Anyone can point out an issue, but it helps to have a deeper, personal understanding and be able to expose the existing problem, struggles or successes firsthand.

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