Manual Wheelchair Safety Tips

By Roll Rev

April 19, 2017

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You may be at a point where you feel completely comfortable with your wheelchair. Maybe you have just started using one. Either way, you will always want to keep in mind these manual wheelchair safety tips.


Manual Wheelchair Safety Tips

Tires – To avoid slipping when you apply your brakes, be sure to regularly inspect your tire tread. It’s also important to make sure that your tires are always filled with the proper amount of air.


Caster Wheels – When transferring, make sure that your caster wheels are facing straight forward to avoid slipping.


Hand Rims – Inspect the edges of your hand rims for any possible rough or jagged pieces that could potentially cut your skin.


Cushion – Regularly inspect your cushion for any tears or holes or areas that could cause a lack of support.


Wheel Locks – Never use your wheel locks to slow your chair down when in motion. Be sure that both wheel locks are in use during transfers.


Armrests and Footrests – The sun can turn the surfaces of your armrests and footrests warm. Pay careful attention before resting your skin against them.


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