Online Dating Tips for Wheelchair Users

By Roll Rev

October 25, 2017

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Dating in itself can be a challenging and nerve-wracking experience before you add a spinal cord injury and a wheelchair to the mix. Going out into the world to find your potential soulmate can be intimidating. Using online dating services can be a helpful way to get back into the dating world and test the waters. If you’re ready to roll into the world of online dating, keep these tips in mind when building your profile.


Be Honest

If you aren’t ashamed of your disability, then why feel the need to hide it? If potential dates can’t see past that from the beginning, then they’re not worth it to begin with. Showing that you are open, honest, and comfortable with your disability will help others feel the same way about you and your disability.


Stay Positive

Your dating profile reflects who you are. Dating can be difficult, even more so with a disability as some people may have difficulty seeing past it. However, it’s important to not let your negative experiences from the past influence potential dates in the future. Including comments or explanations in your dating profile that allude to previous bad dating experiences can turn some potential dates away if you come off too negative. Stay positive and be open to new possibilities!


Share Photos

Don’t be afraid to let people see you! Share some photos of yourself in different settings and stay away from posting only selfies you took at home. Make sure to smile – or at least give a smirk!

If you have kids, don’t be afraid to share photos of them and let potential suitors know that you have a family. Do share photos of yourself and your furry friends – animals are always a huge hit!

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Roll Rev

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