Tips for Choosing an Accessible Bank

By Roll Rev

May 17, 2017

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You will have to make many considerations after sustaining a spinal cord injury (SCI), but have you considered what you will do about your banking situation? Is the bank you currently use accessible to you? These tips for choosing an accessible bank will help you find a bank that accommodates your needs.

Tips for Choosing an Accessible Bank

Think about a trip to the bank before your SCI. You were probably able to open the door and walk inside pretty easily. After your SCI, you should consider how heavy the doors to the bank are and if you would be able to apply enough pressure to open them. Even more so, you’ll need to consider if you can fit through the doors in your wheelchair.


Before you even think about entering the bank, take a look at the bank’s parking situation. Does the bank have handicap parking close to the front doors? If so, is it clearly marked with an accessible loading and unloading zone? Does the route from the handicap accessible parking involve you having to go behind any parked cars to get into the building?


Consider your needs once you are inside the bank. You will very likely need to meet with a bank teller or fill out some paperwork. Ensure that the employees of the bank have desks that have enough room to maneuver your wheelchair through. Also, note whether there is ample knee and toe clearance under their desks. Be sure that the surfaces you will need to access or fill out paperwork from are within reach.6 Functional Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

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