Tips for Medication Management

By Roll Rev

April 15, 2017

Topics: Spinal Cord Injury

Tips for Medication Management

After a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may be on multiple medications to combat the changes in your body. For you, or your caregiver, making sure you take multiple medications properly can be a daunting task. Try using these tips for medication management.


Buy a pill box to organize medicine and help ensure that you are taking the right amount of medicine each day and to avoid having to remember if you already took something or not.


Make a schedule that shows the medication you take, the dosage, and when you take it. This can become a helpful guide for you, your caregiver, and your healthcare provider.


Create a medication reminder strategy to keep you on track. Use your phone to set alarms to alert you of when you need to take a certain medication. You can also download a medication management app that can help you with medication tracking.


If you are traveling or go out often, keep a medication list with the name of your medications and the dosage.

Depending on your medical conditions, it might be helpful to purchase a medical ID bracelet or necklace with information on your medical condition, medications, and any allergies.


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