Wheelchair Soccer, Is it For You?

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April 22, 2017

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Did you play soccer before you became a wheelchair user or are you looking for an adaptive sport to try? Good news – with a little adaptation, you can play soccer from your wheelchair.


Game Details


There are several variations of the game depending on who you are playing for: rec center, league, or official team. Games are typically played indoors on a standard-sized basketball court.

Official games use a 13-inch soccer ball, while rec center and leagues usually use larger balls.

Play time for a wheelchair soccer game is 40 minutes, split into two 20 minute halves. Players take a 10-minute break in between halves.




Wheelchair soccer can be played whether you use a manual or a power wheelchair, if you have a way to propel your chair, you can play! A special sport wheelchair is not necessary.Wheelchair Soccer, Is It For You?

Wheelchairs are modified by adding a half grill in front of the foot rest area to act as a bumper that will be used to move and block the ball during game play.

This bumper eliminates the need for typical soccer protective equipment such as shin guards, as it provides protection to that area.


How to Play


Each team has three field players and one goalkeeper on the field during game play. The players can be substituted in and out of the game an unlimited number of times.

Using the bumper of their wheelchair, players can kick the ball. Blocking can be done using the bumper as well, however, use of hands and pushing and hitting wheelchairs is not allowed.

Goalkeepers do not have limitations as to what they can use to block the ball from going into the net. They can use arms, hands, bodies, or their chair to block the ball.

If you’d like to get involved in wheelchair soccer, try contacting your local rec center to see if they have a team. Of course, you should always contact your physician before playing.


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